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Temperature Dial Not Working - Electric Kettle

Possible Solution

Does the kettle need to be cleaned?

Be sure that the vent holes at the top of the kettle are clean and free of obstructions, or the Precision Kettle may overflow. To get the best performance from your Precision Kettle, decalcification will be necessary. Calcium deposits may form on the interior of the Precision Kettle. The cleaning interval will depend on the hardness of the water you put in the Precision Kettle.

Are you boiling at higher altitudes?

This chart shows the boiling point of water at different altitudes. Please refer to this chart when using the Precision Kettle and be aware of the boiling point in your particular area.

Is there enough water in the kettle?

There must be a minimum of 1 cup (.25 L) of water for the Precision Kettle to operate. Do not fill past the “Max” fill line of 1 quart (1 L).




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