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How to Use Whisk Attachment With Cordless Hand Blender

Using the Whisk Attachment With Cordless Hand Blender

Whisk Attachment is used to whip cream, beat egg whites, mix instant puddings, vinaigrettes, mousse, or make mayonnaise.

  1. Insert the Whisk into the Whisk adapter until it locks in place. Insert the Whisk accessory into the Motor body and twist to lock until it clicks.

  1. Insert the Cordless Hand Blender into the mixture. Press the Variable speed controller and Palm switch at the same time to start.
    NOTE: Do not immerse the Motor body into liquids or other mixtures.

TIP: The stainless steel whisk may scratch or mark non-stick coatings; avoid using the whisk with non-stick cookware.

NOTE: After whisking is complete, release the Variable speed controller; then remove Cordless Hand Blender from the mixture.


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