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Battery Not Charging - Cordless Hand Blender

Possible Solution

Has the check circuit breaker or a household fuse blown or tripped?

  • Check whether a household circuit breaker or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) outlet has tripped. If so, reset the circuit breaker or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt. 
  • Ensure it is plugged into a grounded 3-prong outlet. Check the outlet. If you are unaware if it's working, plug in a household lamp or other small appliance to verify that the outlet is working.

Does the battery need to be charged? 

*Full Charge:
The Cordless Hand Blender will be fully charged in 2 hours. The Battery status indicator pulses when it charges and turns to solid green with a full charge. 

**Quick Charge:
In 20 minutes, the Cordless Hand Blender will quick charge. The Cordless Hand Blender will run for approximately one smoothie or one soup preparation with one quick charge when following the recommended battery maintenance.

Battery Status % Battery Status
Green 30 % to 100 %
Yellow  15 % to 30 % (Consider charging)
Red Lower than 15 % (Need to charge soon)

Is the cord plugged in securely? 

  • Ensure the charging cord is securely inserted into the charging port.  
  • The battery status indicator pulses when it charges. It will be fully charged in 2 hours, and the Battery status indicator turns solid green.



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