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Kettle Handle or Lid Separating From Body - R25808

Product Qualification

Only Use When Prompted by eCRM

Brands Affected

KitchenAid only

Product(s) Affected

Electric Kettle

Serial Numbers Affected

 YA325****** to YA724*****

Manufactured June 2013 thru June 2017  

Customer Concern/Product Symptom

(Customer may have one or more of the following symptoms) 

  • Handle detaches/separates from kettle wall
  • Lid detaches/separates from kettle wall

Models Affected

KEK1722SX (Stainless) RKEK1722SX (Stainless)  
KEK1722ER (Empire Red) RKEK1722ER (Empire Red)  
KEK1722OB (Onyx Black) RKEK1722OB (Onyx Black)  
KEK1722WH (White) RKEK1722WH (White)  
KEK1722QG (Liquid Graphite) RKEK1722QG (Liquid Graphite)  
KEK1722CG (Cocoa Silver) RKEK1722CG (Cocoa Silver)  



KEK1722 Colors.jpg


Model/Serial Location:


The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom of the kettle and the electric kettle power base.

KEK1722 Serial.jpg


If the consumer's product has been identified in eCRM as having a Potential Quality Issue, or if a consumer calls inquiring if they have an affected unit:



US Resolution  


Transfer the Consumer to the KASA Kettle Toll-free number 800-874-0608

Canada Resolution 

Transfer the Consumer to the KASA Kettle Toll-free number 800-874-0608


Other Countries Resolution

Please provide the link  to direct them to the appropriate country's website to check their model and serial information to see if affected and who to contact to replace the kettle.

US and Canada only:  Each replacement kettle will include a  unique code for a discount off a future order.  If a consumer did not receive the code, please escalate to the Quality Assurance Advisor who will arrange to send the code only if you are on the Quality Assurance Team.

If you are not on the Quality Assurance Team, please transfer the consumer to the Quality Assurance Team,  at 800-874-0608 who will send the code.  



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