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Glass Electric Tea Kettle Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for KitchenAid Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Making great tea Is easy with the right tools and techniques 

Making Green Tea is easy_1.jpg

The Best Tea

Pick full leaf tea that looks and smells excellent 

Making Green Tea is easy_2.jpg The Right Ratio

Start with one teaspoon per 10-oz cup

Making Green Tea is easy_3.jpg Great Water

Perfect tea begins with the best-tasting water

Making Green Tea is easy_4.jpg Perfect Timing Infuse 3-5 minutes, use a timer, and find your perfect strength 
Making Green Tea is easy_5.jpg A Clear Finish Remove tea leaves when your timer ends 

Once You've Brewed The Perfect Cup

Infuse It Again

Most quality teas can be reinfused at least one more time. Use slightly higher heat and longer infusion time. 

Chill It

The best way to make iced tea is to brew hot tea, then put it in the fridge for a few hours. This will give you the best flavor. 

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