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Brew/Steep Temperature Suggestions

Brew/Steep Temperature Suggestions

The KitchenAid® Precision Kettle allows you to confidently pour with precision. It features the industry-standard 1 liter capacity carafe. The gooseneck spout and three unique flow rate settings deliver precise and consistent pour control for a pour over, tea, or beverage of choice. A brew-range thermometer is displayed in the lid to keep track of your water temperature while you pour so you know you are within your preferred brewing range.

For Digital Gooseneck Kettle - Select your desired brewing temperature customizable in 1° increment ranging from 140°F-212°F (60°C-100°C), with the option to hold for 30 minutes.

NOTE: The Precision Kettle is designed for water only. Do not put any other liquids or substances in the Precision Kettle.

BEVERAGE Coffee Green Tea White Tea Oolong Tea Black Tea Herbal Tea

White Tea.jpg

92°C-96°C 80°C 85°C 90°C 95°C 100°C
196°F-205°F 176°F 185°F 194°F 203°F 212°F
3-5 1-3 3-5 3-5 4-5 5-7

The above suggestions are points of reference. KitchenAid® recommends that you experiment with temperature and brew/steep times to find the perfect formula for your preferred cup of coffee or tea.

For easy reference, the suggested temperature range for brewing coffee is shown in red on the built-in thermometer.

Watch the below video for more details:

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