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Using the Hold Temp Mode - Digital Gooseneck Kettle

How to Use the Hold Temp Mode - Digital Gooseneck Kettle

When using Hold Temp mode, CLICK HERE to see more information on the Altitude Boiling Point Reference Guide to check the peak temperature setting for your altitude.
If using the Precision Kettle at higher altitudes, the Precision Kettle will boil continuously at a lower temperature until it has evaporated. If this happens, the Kettle will turn off.

  1. To activate the Hold Temp mode, press the Hold Temp.JPG (Hold Temp) button after your preferred temperature has been selected.

Hold temp 1.JPG

  1. As long as the Precision Kettle is on the base, it will maintain the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes. To cancel Hold Temp before 30 minutes have passed, press the
    switch.JPG button, or press the Hold Temp button again, or remove kettle from the base.

Hold temp 2.JPG

NOTE: The Precision Kettle must be on the base in order to activate the Hold Temp feature. Once the Kettle is removed from the base, the Kettle will turn off.

TIP: Hold Temp mode works for all temperatures within the range of 140°F-212°F (60°C-100°C). Altitude affects the Hold Temp mode; see the Altitude Boiling Point Reference Guide for more details. Hold Temp is accurate within ±4°F (2°C).

Watch the below video for more details:

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