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Using the Porcelain Enamel Kettle 1.9 L

How To Use Porcelain Enamel Kettle | 1.9 L

Before first use

Before use, wash with hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry exterior.

Tips for Using

  • Overheating can make kettles with porcelain enamel bottoms fuse to the surface of glass cooktop ranges, requiring the replacement of the glass cooktop. Do not leave the kettle on a glass cooktop; remove it, and place on a heat-resistant surface such as a cutting board.
  • Use potholders or oven mitts when handling hot kettles.
  • Always lift the kettle when removing it from the cooktop surface. Sliding or dragging may damage the cooktop surface or base of the kettle.
  • For best results, match the kettle base size with the cooktop burner size. Do not allow gas flames to extend up the side of the kettle.
  • Avoid overfilling the kettle. Maximum fill level is below the bottom of the spout. The kettle should be at least half full before boiling. Do not allow the kettle to boil dry.
  • Ensure that the kettle lid is securely seated on top of the kettle.
  • For best results, heat the kettle on medium to medium high heat.
  • When the kettle begins to whistle, the water is heated. For proper whistling to occur, ensure that the water level is below the spout of the kettle and that the lid is securely seated.
  • Allow the kettle to cool on a heat-resistant surface. Do not leave kettle on a hot burner

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