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Cordless Proline hand blender battery FAQ's

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What type of battery does the Proline Hand Blender use?

  • A 12V rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


How long can  I use the hand blender before running out of power?

  • Run-time varies depending upon thickness and texture of what is being blended.


Will the hand blender slow down as it is nearing the end of its battery life?

  • No, the power will remain consistent until the end of battery life.
  • You can also "top up" the battery" between uses.


KHB3581 Diagram.jpg

Is there an indicator on the unit for battery life?

  • Yes. There are light levels on the handle that display how much battery charge is left.

When and how do I charge the battery pack?

  • Use the charge indicator bar on the KitchenAid cordless appliance to determine when to charge your lithium ion battery.
  • You can “top-off” your battery’s charge before starting a long session of use.
  • The only time it is necessary to charge the lithium ion battery is when the battery has reached the end of its charge.
  • To signal the end of the charge, the KitchenAid cordless appliance will no longer display any lights in the battery indicator bar after the unit is unlocked or the battery is first inserted into the cordless appliance.
  • Charge the battery as needed. See below for instructions. 


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