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Tips for Perfect Waffles

Rotating the Waffle Plate

  • Whether one or two waffles are being prepared, always rotate the baking unit after filling a waffle plate with one cup of batter.
    • Rotation coats the upper and lower plates on each side evenly with batter and ensures the finest consistency.

Oil and Cooking Spray

  • Do not coat the waffle plates with spray-on oils or shortenings.
    • The waffle plates have a non-stick surface so there is no need to coat the plates with oil or use a non-stick cooking spray.
    • Doing so will eventually cause the plates to become gummy and the residue cannot be removed.
    • If waffles are sticking to the plates, the oil in the recipe should be increased rather than greasing the plates.

Cooking Time​

  • Each recipe in the Owner’s Manual gives a baking time that can be used as a guide for baking.
    • If in doubt of how much time to use, a good starting point is 3 ½ minutes.
    • Adjust as needed to get the desired results.

Waffle Mix Inquiries

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