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Tips for Perfect Toast

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Many variables can impact toaster performance.


  • Breads can vary greatly in moisture and sugar content.
    • Different types of bread toast differently due to size, density, moisture and sugar content.
    • A high sugar content bread browns more quickly.
    • Even using the same type of bread every day can result in different shades of toast.
    • This is because the end of the loaf is drier than the middle.
  • If you have a two or four slot toaster, and are only using one side,  the results will be different than if you had used both sides.
  • It is also important to empty the crumb tray regularly as this can also affect toast shade.


  • It is important to clean your toaster crumb tray regularly, as it can also affect toasting performance.
    • Unplug  the toaster and empty the tray.
    • Turn the toaster over and shake or lightly tap the sides if there is a particularly big particle to remove. 
  • Do not insert anything into the toast cavity to remove crumbs.  
    • Doing so could damage a fragile heater wire.

Uneven Toasting

Uneven toasting.jpg

If your toast shade is uneven (one side darker than the other), make sure your crumb tray has been emptied.

Toasting on one side only

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If your toaster has a "bagel" button, make sure it is not depressed.  

The bagel button will toast the cut side of the bagel and warm, but not toast, the back.

If it continues to toast unevenly, please Contact Us.

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