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Electric Kettle Tips

Electric Kettle Tips


Some KitchenAid® electric kettles require batteries.

  • Either regular or rechargeable batteries can be used.

NOTE:  The base of the electric kettle will not charge the rechargeable battery.


  • If your electric kettle is leaking near the on/off switch found on certain models, it may have been overfilled either while using or during the cleaning process and water has entered the steam tube.

If this should occur, empty the kettle completely and allow it to sit overnight before using it again. 

Beeping and Water Drop Icon

  • If the kettle is beeping, and a water drop icon displays, it means there is  a low volume of water in the kettle (below 250mL). 
    • The water drop indicates it is necessary to add water to the kettle.

Do I need to let it cool in between batches?

It is not necessary  to let the kettle cool in between batches if heating more than one kettle full of water.

  • The kettle will already be warm from the first use and it will actually heat up more quickly on subsequent uses.
  • It will not hurt the kettle to be used repeatedly.

Handle or lid separating from kettle body

If the handle or lid separates from your kettle body,  please please Contact Us  to further assist you.