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Making Toast in Pro Line Toaster

How to Make Toast in Pro Line Toaster

Getting Started

Before using your toaster, check the Extra-Wide Slots and remove any packing or printed material that might have fallen inside during shipping or handling. Do not probe inside the Toaster with a metal object. You may see light smoke the first time you use the Toaster. This is normal. The smoke is harmless and will soon disappear.

Shorten cord, if necessary, by wrapping cord under the base. The Toaster’s feet are tall enough to allow the cord to exit from under any side of the Toaster.


  1. Plug into a grounded 3-prong outlet.


  1. Move the Shade Control to select the degree of brownness you want. Move the Shade Control to the right for darker toast or to the left for lighter. The indicator lights will display the shade level, from Light to Dark.


NOTE: Different types of bread and their moisture levels may require different shade settings. For example, dry bread will brown more rapidly than moist bread and will require a lighter setting.

  1. Insert bread or other food to be toasted in slot(s).


NOTE: For even toasting on 2-slot models, toast only one bread type and thickness at a time. If toasting two different types or thicknesses of bread with 4-slot models with Dual Independent Controls, be sure to toast only one bread type in each pair of slots.

  1. As soon as bread is placed in either slot it will automatically begin to lower and toasting will begin. Some food may be too light to trigger automatic toasting. If the food does not begin to drop after 3 seconds press Toast/Cancel to start the cycle manually.

MT4.PNG        MT5.PNG

OPTIONAL: Press desired special toasting function button within 5 seconds.
CLICK HERE for more information on Special Toasting Functions.

  1. When the toaster is finished, it will automatically raise the food and a signal will sound. If food is not removed within 45 seconds, the toaster will enter Keep Warm mode.


  1. To cancel toasting at any time, press Toast/Cancel. The Toaster will raise the toast and turn off.



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