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How to Set the Timer for Step-By-Step Cooking Modes - Multi-Cooker

Setting the Timer for Step-By-Step Cooking Modes - KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

Step-by-step cooking modes use multiple cooking methods to cook different kinds of foods. Use the > key to advance from step to step. If it is necessary to back up a step, press the < key.

  1. Press TIMER. The timer display will begin to blink, showing a default time of 0:00.
  2. Press > to scroll to your desired time. Press START/ENTER to select.
    NOTE: The light on the START/ENTER button will flash until you press it.
  3. When the timer countdown is complete, the Multi-Cooker will beep three times, and the light will stay on without flashing.
    NOTE: The timer will not affect the step-by-step cooking mode itself. When the timer countdown is complete, the step-by-step cooking mode you’ve chosen will continue to run, and the heating element will stay on unless canceled manually.
  4. To clear the timer after a countdown has already begun, press >, the program will go on to the next step. Press < to go back to the previous step for a second time.


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