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Using the Preset Rice Cycle - Grain and Rice Cooker

Preset Rice Cycle

IMPORTANT: The Ceramic Pot will be hot. To remove, use pot holders.

Add grains, rice, or beans to the Ceramic Pot, and the built-in scale will automatically weigh the ingredients. Tap to select the desired recipe from the main menu. Then the Grain and Rice Cooker will automatically calculate and dispense the correct water ratio and cooking time for perfect results. 

  1. Fill the Water Tank to the Max (maximum) fill line with the desired liquid.
  2. Turn the Power Switch to the ON (I) position, located on the left side of the appliance.
  3. Select the Rice type by tapping the selection on the screen.
    Example: Select WHITE SHORT GRAIN and proceed next.
  4. Add the desired rice to the Ceramic Pot. The Grain and Rice Cooker will automatically sense the weight of the food when pouring it into the Ceramic Pot.
    NOTE: Liquid should not be added at this step as it will alter weight scale performance. The Water Tank should be filled prior as per step 1, or an alternative liquid can be added after step 6.
    TIP: Tap the 3 dots on the right of the weight screen to change the units of measure between cups, ounces, and grams.
  5. If the food has already been added, remove the Ceramic Pot for 3 seconds and reinsert the pot in the cooker.
    NOTE: Adding food without selecting the cook mode first will limit the unit of measurement to ounces or grams only. Cups are not available with this method. For best results, level the food inside the pot for even cooking.
  6. Select Rice preparation, Liquid type, and Desired texture on the screen.
    NOTE: It is recommended to rinse rice before cooking for optimal cooking performance to remove excess starches.
    OPTIONAL: If desired, select DELAYED COOK. This can be set for up to 24 hours.
  7. If too little food is added, the letters will flash red, and the message “Please add more food to the pot” will appear. Once completed, the scale screen will appear. (A: “Too little food” will flash red.)
  8. Close the Lid and tap the START option.
  9. Once the liquid is dispensed, the screen will show an estimated cook time and the KEEP WARM option. This option can be turned off if desired.
  10. When cooking is about to complete, a countdown timer will appear and audibly notify you when cooking has been completed. When finished, the Grain and Rice Cooker will automatically switch to KEEP WARM mode for 6 hours.


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