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Guidelines for a Setting of Slow Cooker

KitchenAid Slow Cooker Setting Guidelines

The multiple Slow Cooker settings allow the kind of cooking or serving that lets you prepare a variety of foods on different settings so that you can adapt your recipes to your changing schedule.
In general, use lower settings for longer cook times. Try a higher setting when you start food preparation later in the day and want to serve the food that same evening.

  • High – Try using this setting when shorter cooking time is desired or for recipes (for example - Egg-based strata, Roasted meats, Hot beverages, etc.) that are typically baked.
  • Medium – Appropriate for most recipes when there is time for long, slow cooking (for example - Beef rolls, Pork chops, Split pea soup, Potato casserole). It’s an ideal setting for food started before going to work in the morning and served for dinner in the evening.
  • Low – Good for slow cooking recipes (for example - Baked egg-based puddings, Dried beans/lentils, cuts of meat, Stew) or less tender cuts of meats that require longer cooking times to develop full flavor.


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