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Remove Odors From the Multi Cooker Flip/Stir Wands

Flip and Stir Wand.jpg

The multi cooker silicone stirring/flipping wands can absorb odors, particularly after sautéing garlic. 

  • This odor can be easily removed using the following method:

1.  Prepare a 10% baking soda to water mixture.

     Using the multi cooker inner pot, pour in a quart of warm water, together with 4 TBSP. of baking soda. Mix the solution  well.

2.  Put the flip and stir wands inside the mixture.

      Totally immerse the wand. Numerous bubbles will be formed on the surface of silicone rubber.

​3.  Immerse for 12 hours

     Take out the wands after 12 hours. Rinse well with tap water.

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