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Installing the Bottle - Sparkling Beverage Maker

Possible Solution

Installing the Bottle

  1. Rinse the carbonating bottle before use. Before making sparkling water, fill the bottle with water up to the fill line. For best results, carbonate chilled water. To avoid product damage, carbonate water only.
  2. To insert a bottle, make sure that the carbonation lever is in its fully upward position, and the bottle loading lever is angled forward. If not angled forward, pull it toward you until it clicks. Do not pull the carbonating tube
  3. Insert the bottle neck into the snap-lock. Firmly push the bottle up and back. The snap-lock mechanism will catch the bottle securely.
  4. Carbonate in short pulses by pulling the carbonation lever down firmly and then allowing the lever to return to a middle rest position before repeating. Continue until the desired level of carbonation is achieved. Do not move the Sparkling Beverage Maker during the carbonation process.

Removing the Bottle

  1. To release the bottle, push the Carbonation lever to its fully upward position. You will hear the sound of excess CO2 discharge.
  2. Pull the bottle toward you to release the bottle from snap-lock; the bottle will be released automatically.


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