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KitchenAid Product Help

Adding More or Less Carbonation


Too much carbonation

I made soda and it made a fizzy mess all over my counter. Why?

Make sure the carbonating bottle is filled just to the "Water Fill Line" indicator (the lower of the two pronounced ridges near the neck of the bottle.)

Other possible causes for overflow:

  •  Trying to carbonate a liquid other than water
    • Adding soda mix to the bottle before attempting to carbonate
    • Not tilting the carbonating bottle when adding soda mix flavoring  
  • Make sure to carbonate using short firm presses. 
    • If you hold down the carbonating button/lever this may cause leakage. 
  • Ensure the carbonating bottle is not deformed in any way.
    • This may occur due to carbonating bottles being exposed to extreme heat i.e. dishwasher.

Soda is not fizzy enough

  • Flat soda may indicate that you have not carbonated properly.
  • After twisting the carbonating bottle into place, press the carbonating button ALL THE WAY DOWN in firm short bursts.
  • You will hear a hissing sound at first.
    • Continue to press the button in firm short bursts until they hear a LOUD BUZZ.
  • The loud buzz indicates the first level of carbonation.
    • Three loud buzzes will achieve average carbonation. 

Tip: Make sure you use very cold water for carbonation.

Cold water (from the refrigerator) holds carbonation much better than cold water from the tap.