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How to Install the Adjustable Slicing Disc

Installing the Adjustable Slicing Disc for KitchenAid Food Processor

  1. Insert the liner into the attachment assembly so that the feed tubes line up and the liner lies flat.

Slicing Disc 1.png

  1. Hold the slicing disc by the finger grips and lower it onto the drive pin. You may need to turn the disc/drive adapter until it drops down into place.

Slicing Disc 2.png

  1. Set the desired slicing thickness by moving the control lever to the left for thinner slices or to the right for thicker slices.

Slicing Disc 3.png

  1. Install the lid by turning counter-clockwise, being sure it locks into place.

Slicing Disc 4.png

NOTE: If the sliced food is not the desired thickness, the control lever can be adjusted during operation.

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