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How to Assemble the Juice and Sauce Attachment

Assembling the KitchenAid Juice and Sauce Attachment

Before using your Juicer for the first time, wipe Juicer parts with a warm damp cloth, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  1. Slide the pulp chute out and insert the gasket behind the chute, as shown.

Juicer Assembly 1.png

  1. Place the bowl into the drive assembly.

Juicer Assembly 2.png

  1. Put the screen wiper basket into the bowl.

Juicer Assembly 3.png

  1. Place the screen of your choice into the screen wiper basket, matching the red alignment marks on the screen and bowl as shown.

Juicer Assembly 4.png

  1. Place the auger/blade assembly inside the screen.

Juicer Assembly 5.png

  1. Place the lid on the Juicer, aligning the unlocked icon on the lid with the red arrow on the juicing bowl. Rotate the lid clockwise until the lid locks into place.

Juicer Assembly 6.png

  1. Place the hopper on top of the feed chute. Insert food pusher in the feed chute.

Juicer Assembly 7.png

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