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Processing Other Vegetables and Fruits - Vegetable Sheet Cutter

How to Process Other items with the KitchenAid Sheet Cutter

  1. Rotate lever clockwise to the locked position.
  2. Cut the food to fit within the attachment main body. The maximum food size is approximately 3.5" (8.9 cm) diameter and 5.5" (14 cm) long.
  3. Insert the food holder all the way into the center of the food.
  4. Place the food and food holder onto the main body and twist clockwise to lock into place.

veg 1.png

  1. Insert the food skewer into the skewer support on the attachment main body, making sure that it is centered on the food.

veg 2.png

NOTE: The food skewer may not need to be fully inserted. For hard foods, insert approximately 2"(5 cm), or to the first mark on the food skewer.

  1. Insert the desired blade into the blade carrier at a 45-degree angle to allow proper alignment with the attachment main body. Allow the blade cover to rest on the food.
  2. Turn the Stand Mixer on to Stir speed. For best results, start the Stand Mixer before releasing the blade into the food.

start 1.png

  1. Pull toward Stand Mixer and lift up on the blade release lever to unlock the blade carrier and rotate the blade carrier slowly until it comes into contact with the food before letting go.
  2. Once the food stops processing, turn off the Stand Mixer.

Start 2.png


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