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Liquid in Hopper of Food Grinder

Possible Solution

Were tomatoes being processed? 

If liquid appears in the hopper when processing large amounts of high-moisture foods such as tomatoes or cranberries, continue to operate the mixer until all the liquid has drained from the hopper before adding more food to be ground.

Was the food prepared correctly?

  1. Cut food into small strips or pieces sized to fit into the feed tube.
  2. Turn the Stand Mixer to Speed 4 and feed food into the feed tube using the food pusher.

Was too much force used? 

Using excessive force and pushing down on the attachment while grinding can cause juices to build up in hopper. Meat and other foods should be guided gently with the stomper, and allowed to self-feed. 

Never use the stomper to push the food through with force. Instead, use it to gently guide the food into the hopper and allow it to self-feed, to avoid juices backing up into the mixer.

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