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Pasta Roller and Cutters Information

KitchenAid Pasta Attachment Information

There are two ways to make pasta - the roller method and the extrusion method.  KitchenAid has attachments that will fit any stand mixer to help you create fresh pasta quickly and easily using either method.

Extrusion Method

The extrusion method (KPEXTA) makes shapes with "holes in the middle" (rigatoni, bucatini, macaroni)  as well as spaghetti and fusilli.  Walnut sized balls of dough are inserted into the KPEXTA and the pasta is extruded (pushed out) the bottom of the attachment, where it is then cut to the desired length.


Roller Method

With the roller method, the dough is rolled into flat sheets with the roller attachment, dialing it to the desired thickness. When all dough is rolled, you can either cut it by hand into various flat shapes or then switch to the desired cutter attachment (spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, or thick noodles).

The Pasta Roller and cutter attachments come in several different configurations:

  • KPSA - the roller alone
  • KPRA - includes the roller and two cutters:
    • fettuccine
    • spaghetti
  • KPCA - additional cutters, including:
    • wide "kluski" like noodles
    • angel hair

KRAV - Ravioli Maker

KPEX  - a deluxe kit that includes all of the above (roller, all cutters, and ravioli maker).



The roller is has a dial that can be used to roll the dough to the desired thickness.

Roller and Cutter thickness and size.jpg