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Removing Ice from the Mold - Shaved Ice Attachment

Using the Ice Molds KitchenAid Shaved Ice Attachment

Preparing Ice Puck - Shaved Ice Attachment

  1. Fill the ice mold with water or a flavored ice base mixture of your choice.

NOTE: To keep the mold from overflowing while freezing, be sure not to fill past the fill line visible just below the rim of the mold.

Ice puck_1.PNG

  1. Affix the lid to the top of the mold and place it in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours.

NOTE: Freezing time may vary and will depend on the temperature of your freezer and the sugar or alcohol content of your mixture.

Ice puck_2.PNG

Removing Ice Pucks

  1. Remove the ice molds from the freezer and allow them to temper for approximately 10 minutes. (See below for more information on tempering) 
  2. Remove the lid from the ice mold.
  3. Press firmly on the bottom and sides to help release the puck from the mold.

tempering the ice puck.PNG

Tempering the Ice - Why it is Important 

Tempering ice means allowing the ice to adjust at room temperature until it develops a glossy, wet look and is clear from all sides.

Tempering is an important step for producing the lightest and fluffiest shave ice. Many factors determine the amount of time it takes to temper. In most cases, your ice puck should be ready to use in 10 minutes or less. Ice pucks made with plain water require tempering. For mixed base recipes, refer to the recipe details for tempering instructions.



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