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How to Assemble Shave Ice Attachment

Assembling Shave Ice Attachment

  1. Grip the blade from the bottom and slowly insert it into the bottom of the Ice Cup by aligning the interlocking tabs. Once inserted, rotate the blade to the left until you hear a "Click", to properly lock the blade in place.
    NOTE: Each of the interlocking tabs is a unique size, ensuring the blade can only be installed in the correct position.


  1. Insert the Ice Cup Sleeve into the Detachable Ice Cup, then insert a prepared Ice Puck. Be sure to insert the ice puck with the cross hatches facing upward.


  1. Attach the Detachable Ice Cup to the bottom side of the main housing, rotating it to the left to lock it in place.
    NOTE: The small indicator arrow on the Detachable Ice Cup should line up with the Lock and Unlock symbols on the main housing.


  1. Release the top lever by gently rotating it to the right. The spring will engage as the Ice Pusher clamps down on the ice puck. The Shave Ice Attachment is properly loaded and ready to use.


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