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Tips for Great Results - Shave Ice Attachment

Tips for Great Results - Shave Ice Attachment

Setting Up Your Shave Ice Attachment

  • It is recommended that you install your Shave Ice Attachment on the Stand Mixer first, before completing any other set up step.
  • To more easily install the clear plastic Ice Cup into the Upper Housing, look for the small black indicator arrow. This arrow must line up with the Lock/Unlock icons on the Upper Housing.
  • When switching blades, please note that the blades feature 3 uniquely sized tabs that must line up with their corresponding slots in the bottom of the ice cup. If the tabs are lined up incorrectly, the blade will not install.

Making Shave Ice

  • Tempering is an important part of making great Shave Ice since an ice puck straight out of the freezer is actually TOO COLD to shave. Tempering means allowing your ice puck(s) to warm slightly at room temperature, until the outside of the puck has a nice glossy sheen to it. This typically takes about 10 minutes.
    NOTE: Ice pucks made with plain water require tempering. For mixed base recipes, refer to the recipe details for tempering instructions.
  • Some Shave Ice recipes, particularly those with ingredients frozen into the ice puck, may shave better with either the Fine or Coarse blade. It is recommended that you try out recipes with each blade to see which produces your desired result.

Preparing Your Ice Molds

  • It is important to note the subtle fill line just below the top rim of the Ice Molds. Please do not fill the molds beyond this line as it may negatively affect freezing.
  • Allow ice molds to freeze for a minimum of 12 hours. Note that some mixed base recipes may require more time to freeze due to a variety of ingredients.
  • For recipes with sugar, there is a delicate balance between a mixture that is sweet to the taste but still capable of freezing hard enough to shave. Please follow recipes as closely as possible to ensure great results.
  • For recipes with Alcohol, you should not exceed an above over 8% within the mixture. This will help ensure the mixture freezes hard enough to shave.
  • Consider removing frozen ice pucks from the molds and storing them in another container inside your freezer. This is referred to as “Ice Harvesting” and will help ensure you always have ice on hand when the occasion calls for Shave Ice.

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