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Clean and Lubricate the Pasta Roller

Cleaning and Lubricating KitchenAid Pasta Roller

To clean pasta sheet roller and cutter attachments:

  • Let parts air dry for one hour and then remove any dried dough using the Cleaning Brush.
  • If dried dough cannot be removed, try hand-tapping the attachment. A toothpick can be used if necessary. 
  • Never use a knife or other sharp object to remove excess dough.
  • Polish with a soft, dry cloth and store attachment pieces in a dry place at room temperature.

NOTE: Never wash or immerse attachments in water or other liquid. Never wash in dishwasher. Do not run a dishtowel or any other cloth through the rollers to clean them. Do not insert objects such as knives, screwdrivers, etc., to clean the unit.

Lubricate your pasta roller:

  • Clean properly after use as described above.
  • We recommend using light mineral oil to lubricate the gears periodically. Add a drop of mineral oil to each of the far corners of the rollers and/or cutters to lubricate the gears (4 locations).
  • This can be done annually or after 50 uses.

Past Roller Lubrication Points.jpg

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