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Citrus Juicer Attachment Tips

Tips for KitchenAid Citrus Juicer


While juicing

  • Keep elbow at a 90 - degree angle so that the juice does not drip down your elbow.
  • Exert inward and downward pressure to extract the juice.
  • Exert inward and downward pressure to extract the juice.

Grayish or streaky juice

  • The juicer attachment housing has an "oil impregnated" copper-bearing that can produce an oily discharge when it becomes warm.
  • The oil will be present in the juice and cause it to appear grayish or streaky.
  • The oil is FDA approved, so it will not harm the consumer if ingested.

Squeaking while in use

  • Occasionally while in use, the JE will make a squeaking/ squealing sound.
  • This sound is most often caused by putting too much pressure against the reamer while holding the fruit to the unit.
  • This causes the parts of the JE to press against each other, causing a squeaking/ squealing sound.
    • Lessen the pressure against the reamer.

Metal shavings/"dust"

If you see metal shavings or metal "dust" coming from the Juicer while in use (see photos below), please contact KitchenAid 1-800-541-6390.

JE Metal Shavings pics.jpg

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