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Juicer and Sauce Attachment Tips

Food prep

  • Large seeds or pits need to be removed prior to juicing to avoid damage to the auger or baskets.
  • This includes fruits such as: nectarines, peaches, mangoes, apricots, plums, cherries, etc.
  • Before saucing hard fruits (such as apples), it is recommended that you steam the fruit for 2-3 minutes.
  • Slowly feed items into the juicer bowl, using the feed tube pusher.

Pulp chute position

• The pulp chute controls how much fibrous material or pulp exits through the juice chute.

- Pulling the pulp chute out closes the chute, increasing the amount of pulp and fiber for your sauce recipes.

Juicer pulp chute out.jpg
- Pushing the pulp chute in opens the chute, reducing the amount of pulp for your juice recipes.

Juicer pulp chute pushed in.jpg

  • For juicing:  push pulp chute in to open
  • For sauces and jams:  pull pulp chute out to close


  • Remember to open the pulp chute when using the high or low pulp screens.
  • Keeping the pulp chute open will prevent the Juicer from locking up.
  • The rubber gasket on the bottom of the juicer needs to be in place to reduce loss of juice into the pulp chute. Only remove the rubber gasket if you want juice to flow into the pulp ejector.

Drip stop

• The drip stop should be opened before juicing.

Extracting the maximum amount of juice

• Run Juicer Attachment for 1-2 minutes after the last piece of food is inserted.
This ensures the maximum amount of juice is extracted.

How Much Can I Juice?

  • You should be able to juice 10-20 lbs of fruits and vegetables without cleaning (emptying of excess pulp) being necessary.  After cleaning excess pulp, you may resume juicing immediately.  There is no need to wait.

Attachment doesn't spin

Check the assembly and make sure:

  • the arrows inside are aligned

Juicer attachment red arrows.jpg

  • the lock on the lid is aligned

Juicer attachment lid alignment.jpg


  • You should be able to juice 10-20 lbs of fruits and vegetables without cleaning (emptying of excess pulp) being necessary.
  • Under normal usage conditions, when the pulp chute is pushed in for juicing, pulp will be pushed out of the juicer and allow the unit to continue running.
  • Make sure the rubber gasket is in place and that the pulp chute is pushed in all the way to allow for as much pulp as possible to be pushed out of the juicer.


  • Do not take the drip stop valve apart for cleaning.
  • It is recommended to clean the unit as one piece.

Refer to the Video Below for Assembly Tips: