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Precise Heat Mixing Bowl Tips


Display and Times:

  • In the Preheat Mode the display will not reflect the temperature accurately, as the sensor encounters cold and warm spots.
  • When done preheating, the steady state temperature will be accurate.
  • The Precise Heat Mixing Bowl does not heat quickly in either the Manual or the Tempering Mode.
  • Tempering is a process that requires heating and cooling for the perfect results, and it can take 30-35 minutes.
    • The goal is precise, rather than rapid heating.
    • A nice, gradual rise of the temperature prevents hot spots and provides accuracy.

Changing the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius:

Press and hold the large round button for 3-5 seconds to change the display from F to C.

The Lid:

  • Put the lid on the bowl if you are simmering, or need to go above 190 degrees, to help maintain and hold the temperature.
  • The lid allows the unit to retain more heat than is allowed to release, thus reaching the higher temperatures.
  • Without the lid, heat is being quickly released through the top.


  • A characteristic of this and other similar products.
  • Fill to the Max fill Line for less splashing.

Not Recommended For:

  • Rice or risotto as these will bounce around in the bowl.


  • The diameter of the bowl is the same as that of the Artisan, but it is important to use the smaller sized accessories (flex edge, whip, dough hook) because the beater to bowl clearance is slightly different due to the white plastic outer bowl.

Digital display is not illuminated:

Check to see whether the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl is plugged into an outlet.

  • If it is, check the fuse or circuit breaker on the electrical circuit the bowl is connected to and make sure the circuit is closed.

Lights on the digital display are flashing:

The Precise Heat Mixing Bowl was not in place when the Start/Cancel button was pressed.

  • Check that the bowl is properly attached for your model of Stand Mixer.

 “Er1” on the digital display: 

The Precise Heat Mixing Bowl sensed that an interruption occurred with the Bowl Temperature Sensor.

  • Unplug the bowl and plug back in to see if that will reset the unit.

“Er2” on the digital display:

The Bowl Temperature Sensor has sensed an abnormal temperature.

  • Unplug the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl and allow it to be brought to room temperature before plugging it back in.

"Err3" on the digital display:

  • Error 3 has to do with not reaching the proper temperature, either due to extremely cold ingredients or environment.
    • If it is not due to extremely cold ingredients,  please Contact Us .

Temperature indicator flashes quickly 3 times when selecting the desired Temperature setting:

The dial was rotated past the maximum temperature setting.

  • Turn dial the other way to reduce the Temperature selection.
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