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Tips for Better Ice Cream - Ice Cream Maker

Tips for Improved Ice Cream Using the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker

Process for Making Ice Cream

Ice Cream making is a two-part process: "conversion" and "ripening." After conversion (freezing with the ice cream maker attachment), the ice cream will be a "soft-serve" consistency. The "ripening" process occurs in the freezer, where the ice cream hardens over 2 - 4 hours. Follow recommended mixer speeds. Faster speeds will slow the conversion process.

  • Have the ice cream bowl attached and the mixer running before pouring in the ice cream mixture.
  • Batter volume grows significantly during freezing. The initial batter should not exceed 46 oz. to produce 2 quarts of ice cream.
  • Remember that freezing subdues sweetness, so recipes won't taste quite as sweet once frozen.

Bowl Temperature

The freeze bowl must be completely frozen to make ice cream or frozen desserts. Place the bowl in the freezer for a minimum of 15 hours. It is best to store the freeze bowl at the back of the freezer where it is the coldest. The freeze bowl should be used immediately after removal from the freezer. Even a few minutes out of the freezer before using will affect your results. Storing the freeze bowl in the freezer at all times allows you the flexibility to make your favorite frozen desserts on a whim.

Batter Temperature

Ice Cream batter should be cooled to refrigerator temperature before freezing in the ice cream maker attachment. "Cooked" recipes should be refrigerated at least 8 hours before freezing in the ice cream maker attachment.

For a Creamier Ice Cream

Most ice cream recipes call for a combination of cream, milk, eggs, and sugar. The type of cream you choose will determine how rich in flavor and how creamy the texture of the finished result. The higher the percentage of fat in the cream, the richer and creamier your ice cream will be. Any combination can be used as long as the liquid measurement stays the same. Lighter ice creams can be made by using more milk than cream or by eliminating cream. Skim milk will work, but there will be a noticeable difference in texture.

To make a creamier ice cream, use a cream with a higher fat content. Low-fat creamers will make the end texture grainy.

Type of Cream Fat %

  • Heavy Cream 36%
  • Whipping Cream 30%
  • Light Cream 18%
  • Half-and-Half 10%

Adding Solid Ingredients

If you add additional ingredients such as fruit, nuts, and candies,  add them 12 - 15 minutes into the freezing process.

Removing and Storing the Ice Cream

Ice cream will be a soft-serve consistency and can be served immediately. If you prefer harder ice cream, put the mixture in a shallow container for freezing.  A non-metallic spoon or spatula should remove ice cream from the bowl.

Storing the ice cream in the freeze bowl will create "rock" hard ice cream that will be difficult to remove from the bowl and may cause damage to the bowl if a metal scoop or utensil is used.


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