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What KitchenAid Attachment Should I Use?

What KitchenAid Beater Should I Use?  

Choosing the proper stand mixer attachment for your recipe will help you get the results you are looking for. Not only is selecting the correct beater important, but the speed at which you use it is also critical. Take a look at the chart below to understand better which beater is best for the job. 



Flat Beater


Dough Hook

Flex Edge Beater 

Pastry Beater


Primary Use

Mixing and folding in ingredients



Mixing and creaming ingredients

Cutting butter into flour, mashing fruits/vegetables, shredding meats


Folding delicate ingredients, egg whites, and cream.

Mixing cakes, cookies, frostings, etc.

Eggs, egg whites, cream, etc.

Breads, rolls, pizza dough, etc.

Creaming butter, mixing cakes, cheesecakes, frostings, cookies, etc.

Pie dough and other pastries; mashing potatoes/fruits/

vegetables, shredding meats


Speeds 1-6 for mixing

Speeds 4-10 for whipping

Speed 2 for kneading

Speeds 1-6 for mixing and creaming

Pastries: Speed 2-4

Mashing fruits/ vegetables: Up to Speed 2

Mashing Potatoes: Speed 4

Shredding Meat: Speed 2


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