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White Beater Coat Chipping - Stand Mixer

Possible Solutions

Coated beater and dough hook planetary shaft attachments provided with KitchenAid stand mixers consist of a cast aluminum base material coated with a food-grade polyester-based powder coating.  The cast aluminum base component elements are either US FDA Generally Regarded as Safe or as acceptable for US FDA Indirect Food Contact.

Is the side of beater chipping?

Hitting the flat beater on the side of the bowl to release ingredients can weaken the coating on the side of the beater, causing it to chip. It is essential to use a spatula to remove ingredients from the flat beater.

Is the bottom of flat beater chipping?

If the bottom of your beater is chipping, it may be too low and is hitting the bottom of the bowl—you may need to adjust your mixer. Your mixer is adjusted for optimum mixing at the factory, but through time and use, it can change, and it should be readjusted.

CLICK HERE for a video showing how to adjust the beater to bowl clearance.



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