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Stand Mixer Maintenance

How to Maintain Your KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Mixer Adjustments

KitchenAid® stand mixers are adjusted at the factory for optimal performance.

Through time and use, the factory settings can change.

There are several adjustments you can make easily at home to ensure the best mixing performance from your stand mixer.  

Make sure to check each of these periodically.

Beater adjustments


  • Does your mixer not reach all the ingredients in the bottom of the bowl?

Or, do you have the opposite problem?

  • Is your beater hitting the bottom of the bowl?

  • Is your flat beater chipping on the bottom?

For instructions to easily raise or lower your beater by performing the “Dime Test”.

Neckpin adjustment - tilt head mixers only 

  • Is the silver “pin” sticking out or moving while you mix?

Neck Pin.jpg


CLICK HERE for a video on how to tighten it.


  • It is not necessary to add oil to the mixer as regular maintenance.

If your mixer is leaking oil, CLICK HERE for more information.