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Flex Edge Silicone Beaters

Information on Flex Edge Silicone Beater for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

KitchenAid® manufactures a silicone-edged beater that allows you to mix and scrape the sides of the bowl at the same time, minimizing the need to stop the mixer and use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl. The KitchenAid® Flex Edge beater comes in several sizes to fit most stand mixers.

It is the only Silicone beater on the market that is specifically designed for our stand mixers and is UL-approved to eliminate drag on the mixer, which could cause it to overheat. Using a non-KitchenAid® silicone scraping beater could damage your mixer and void your warranty.


What is the Flex Edge Beater, and What Does it do?

The Flex Edge Beater is a coated, dishwasher-safe metal beater with a flexible edge. It provides a more thorough and faster ingredient incorporation and minimizes bowl scraping. It also makes an excellent tool to wipe the bowl clean when pouring finished batters.

How Will I Know When to Use the Flex Edge Beater Versus the Flat Beater With my Recipe?

The easiest way to decide which beater to use is to read through the recipe, and if the directions read "stop and scrape the mixing bowl," that recipe is a candidate for the flex edge beater. The flex edge does the best job on foods that tend to stick and/or collect to the sides of the mixing bowl, like cream cheese, butter, certain nut kinds of butter, and honey. Use the flex edge for end products that would be described as "creamy" and "silky."


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