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Lock Lever on Tilt Head Stand Mixer Does Not Unlock or Lock/Mixer Head Moving

Lock lever will not lock or mixer head moving

  • The purpose of the lock lever is to lock the motor head in the down position so it does not move up and down during mixing.

Locking Mechanism.jpg

The motor head should always be locked down before using the mixer. 

  • When pushing the lock lever over to the lock position, it may not move all the way to the end of the slot.
    • As long as the lock lever is as far over as it can go and the head does not move when you try to pull it up, the head is locked in place.


The Beater to Bowl Clearance being out of adjustment can (too high) cause the locking mechanism not to work.

  • Adjusting the clearance will most often fix the locking mechanism.

Lock lever will not unlock

If the lock lever will not unlock, please Contact Us or visit our Service Locator.



VIDEO:  Adjusting the Beater to Bowl Clearance (Dime Test)