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Glass Bowl Tips for Tilt Head Models

  • For use with the Tilt-Head Stand Mixers only.
  • Not for use with model KN1PS (Accolade Series)

Before Using

  • Your Stand Mixer is individually adjusted at the factory for optimal performance. When using the Glass Bowl, it may be necessary to readjust the Beater to Bowl clearance.
  • Ensure the Thread Ring on the bottom of the Glass Bowl is tight enough to avoid Beater to Bowl hits.
  • When correctly positioned, the handle and pour spout should not touch the pedestal of the mixer. Please refer to the “Use and Care” Guide for complete instructions on adjusting the Beater to Bowl clearance.

Attaching the glass bowl


Glass bowl attachment.jpg


Tips for use

Glass Bowl Thread Removal.jpg


Note:  If your thread ring becomes loose or is lost, please Contact Us.

Care and cleaning

Glass Bowl Dishwasher pic.jpg





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