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Which Pouring Shield Fits My Mixer?


  • Pouring shields are great for preventing flour or wet ingredients from splashing out while mixing.
  • They also make it easy to add ingredients through the pouring shield spout.
  • Some KitchenAid® mixers come with pouring shields, and others do not.
  • Pouring shields are available for most stainless bowl models.
  • Glass, ceramic and textured stainless bowls do not have a pouring shield.

Locate your model number, which can be found on a sticker on the underside of your mixer, to ensure the correct fit.


Mixer Model NumberTag.jpg

There are two sizes available.


Tilt Head Models:

KN1PS - fits all  4.5 and 5 quart stainless steel tilt head stand mixer bowls.

KSM35PS - fits Artisan Mini KSM3311/16 models.


Bowl Lift Models:

There are several models to choose from, depending upon the width of your bowl.


KN1PS - fits the following narrow bowl models:


K4SS, KSM450, KSM455, KSM500


KG25H0X, KG25H3X, KG25H7X  


KN256PS - fits the following wide bowl models:


KV25G0X, KV25G8X 4KB25G1X

KP26M, KL26M, KP26N, KP26M1P

KB26G1X, KT2651X, KD2661X, KP2671X

KSM7581, KSM7586P


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