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Circuit Breaker Tripped - Stand Mixer

Possible Solutions

Is the mixer tripping the GCFI?

A "GFCI" is a ground fault circuit interrupter. A ground fault circuit interrupter is an inexpensive electrical device that is designed to protect people from severe or fatal electrical shocks by detecting ground faults. When installed in household branch circuits, it can also prevent some electrical fires and reduce the severity of others by interrupting the flow of electric current.

An unintentional electric path between a source of current and a grounded surface is referred to as a "ground-fault." Ground faults occur when the electrical current is leaking somewhere; in effect, electricity is escaping to the ground. A GFCI monitors electrical flow in a circuit. If the GFCI senses current flowing to ground, the power to that circuit is interrupted before a potentially dangerous shock can occur.

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