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F8E4 - Error Code - Dishwasher

Possible Solutions

Was the dishwasher self-installed?

If you are receiving the F8E4 error code and you have self-installed the dishwasher, check the following: 

CLICK HERE to watch a video on the F8E4 code

CLICK HERE to watch the full installation video

CLICK HERE to watch a video on dishwasher installation tips and tricks

Is the water supply connected correctly?

Check all the connection points.  Be sure the rubber washer is properly seated in the fitting for any connection point. Slide the 3/4" (19 mm) fitting of the 90° elbow up to the valve and hand tighten it to avoid cross-threading. Hand tighten until the coupling is tight. Using pliers, check the tightness of the coupling. An additional 1/4 to 1/2 turn may be required to seal the rubber gasket. Make sure to route the fill hose out the rear left side of the unit.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on the water supply line installation

CLICK HERE for additional information on the water supply


Is the float switch connected?

Ensure the float switch is properly connected.  Also, ensure that the power supply wire or cord does not touch the dishwasher motor or the lower part of the dishwasher tub. Reconnect float switch by aligning the connector with the connector housing and pushing in until the locking tab is visible over the back of the connector.

Does the drip tray need to be emptied? 

If you see water in the drip tray, it will need to be emptied.  

To remove the drip pan assembly, press the snap at each side of the plastic tray in toward the center of the product and pull toward yourself. Take caution not to pull too far or too hard as the float switch wire is still connected at this time and pulling too far or hard can damage the wire.

drip pan.png

CLICK HERE to watch a video on Dishwasher Drip Pan and Float Assembly Installation

Remove the Code

To remove the code:

  1. Press the Cancel key one time to silence the alarm tone. 
  2. Press the Cancel key again to clear the code. 

Dishwasher was Professionally Installed - F8E4 Error Code

Drain sequence will begin, machine operation will be prevented

  1. Turn off the water supply to the unit.
  2. Press Cancel key one time to silence alarm tone. DO NOT turn off the power and keep the door closed.


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