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Scratches on China - Dishwasher

Possible Solution

Is there a pattern or randomness to the scratches? 

Please review the information below based on what you are experiencing. 

There is a pattern to the scratches

Scratches that have some form of a pattern, even a partial pattern can be the result of the following:

  1. Having excessively soft water. Detergents are designed to expect some hardness to be present. If water is exceptionally soft and/or high amounts of strong detergents are used, the chemistry provided to address the water hardness can instead impact the dish load or dishwasher. Test water hardness and ensure it is within the proper range. If using powder or liquid detergents, don't overdose. Consider using premium detergent packets that typically have chemistry that is designed to minimize damage.
  2. Using long, hot cycle selections. If uncertain about the quality of items, try using quick, low temp cycles to minimize potential damage to items washed in the dishwasher. It may be necessary to evaluate the trade-off between performance and damage to certain items if items are of very poor quality. Consider use of premium detergent packets which usually have chemistry designed to minimize damage.
  3. Poor quality glazing. Purchasing good quality china that is marked as being dishwasher safe can reduce the likelihood of scratching.

Scratches are random

Completely random scratches are usually the result of the mechanical action of things like sliding the china on hard surfaces or allowing contact with other items when loading or unloading. Only careful handling and storage can prevent this damage.




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