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Pattern Fading/Removal of Glassware

Possible Solution

Why is the pattern on my glassware fading?

Fading and pattern/marking removal is usually the result of metal ion removal from the marking materials. Most detergents contain chemistry to remove calcium ions. In conditions where this chemistry is stronger than the amount of calcium to be removed, the chemistry can impact the ions, which can lead to patterns on glassware fading.

Is the water too soft?

Was the correct amount of detergent used?

If using powder or liquid detergents, don't overdose.  Consider using a premium detergent packets that typically have chemistry to minimize damage to dishes. 

Is the detergent old (if using powder detergent)?

Older detergent exposed to air may clump and not dissolve well. Use fresh detergent only. Clean out the dispenser. Do not allow the detergent to sit for several hours in a wet dispenser. Clean the dispenser when caked detergent is present.

Is the item dishwasher safe?

Check the manufacture's recommendations, to ensure the items are dishwasher safe.  Washing items that are not dishwasher safe could cause damage to the item. 




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