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Cast Iron How-to's

Information on Kitchenaid Cast Iron Cookware


  • KitchenAid® cast iron cookware has already been seasoned, so unlike many other brands, there is no reason to season it prior to use. 
  • It is also not necessary to use any type of oil after washing on the inside of the pan to maintain the seasoning.

Soaking and rust

  • It is very important to not soak in water and to thoroughly dry cast iron cookware to prevent rust.

TIP: It is helpful to run a small amount of olive oil around the top rim of the cookware to create a barrier that repels moisture to prevent rust in that area. 

Cast iron and glass cooktops

  • Cast Iron pans can be used but should not be moved back and forth on the cooktop as it may scratch the cooktop.
  • They can be used with caution. To avoid scratches, do not slide cookware or bakeware across the cooktop. Aluminum or copper bottoms and rough finishes on cookware or bakeware could leave scratches or marks on the cooktop.
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