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Anatomy of a Knife

Anatomy of a KitchenAid® Knife

Anatomy of Kitchen Knife.jpg

  • Bolster - a thick band of steel on forged knives. It helps balance the knife and protects your hands from accidental slips.
  • Edge - the working part of the blade. The middle section cuts and slices. 
  • Handle - scales are the parts of the handle that create its grip, the butt is the end. Choose textured plastic, rubber, or bare-wood handles, the best grips for wet hands. 
  • Heel - the edge near the handle, it cuts through large or tough foods when you press down hard.
  • Spine - the top of the blade, opposite the edge.
  • Tang - the part of the blade that extends into the handle, the tang gives the knife balance.
  • Tip - the forward quarter of the blade. It's best for cutting small or delicate foods. 

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