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Stainless Cutlery Tips

Tips for KitchenAid® Stainless Cutlery

Using Your Cutlery

Proper Use

  • Select the proper knife for the task at hand.
  • Do not use knives to cut through bone or to cut or separate frozen foods; it may damage or dull the blade.
  • Do not use knives as a screwdriver or can opener; it may damage the blade.

Cutting Surfaces

  • Use smooth, easy-to-clean cutting surfaces. Wood and polyethylene cutting boards are recommended.
  • Do not use knives on hard surfaces that can dull or damage the cutting edge, such as glass, stone, ceramic, metal, or countertops. 

Caring For Cutlery

Washing Cutlery

  • Cutlery is dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended for lasting appearance and performance.

Sharpening Cutlery

KitchenAid® cutlery sets include a knife sharpening steel. The KitchenAid® sharpening steel may also be purchased separately. To maintain a precision cutting edge, follow the enclosed instructions to sharpen cutlery after each use.

NOTE: Knives with serrated edges must be professionally sharpened. 

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