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Use and Care of KitchenAid Kitchen Scales

How to Use and Care for Your KitchenAid Kitchen Scales

KitchenAid® kitchen scales are precision devices, factory-calibrated to provide impeccable results whenever cooking or baking using these products. Take the guesswork out of weighing ingredients, portion control, and more. With proper care, KitchenAid® kitchen scales will stand up to everyday use for a long time.

Add and Weigh Ingredients Using the Tare Button

  1. Place the container on the scale.
    Measurement 10.PNG
  2. Press the TARE button to "zero out" the weight of the container.
    Measurement 11.PNG
  3. Add food to the container to see the weight of the food. Press TARE again when ready to weigh the next ingredient.
    Measurement 12.PNG

How Do I Weigh Things in a Container?

KitchenAid® scales have a TARE feature in the programming. Place an empty container on the scale and turn it on. The displayed weight will be zero; this is an Auto-Tare function. The weight of the container has been automatically removed, and the display will only show the weight of the food placed in the container. TARE can also be used for multiple ingredients. Once the first ingredient is added, press TARE, and the display will revert to zero. The next ingredient can then be added. The scale will continue to add the total weights together until the maximum capacity is reached.

Will My KitchenAid Kitchen Scale Turn Off on its Own?

Battery-powered KitchenAid® digital food scales have an auto-off feature. To conserve power, the device will turn itself off after a specified period if there has been no user input or interaction, such as a change in weight readings. The auto-off times vary by product.

Product Features

What Does it Mean that My Waterproof Kitchen Scale Has an IP Rating?

An IP rating measures an instrument's protection against the ingress of dust, water, and other substances into the equipment. This scale is designed to be waterproof (IP67) under the following conditions for easy cleaning and disinfecting between uses:

  • The battery compartment must be fully closed and sealed with the internal gasket in place before tightening the screws, ensuring water cannot enter the device during cleaning.
  • The scale can be submerged in water no deeper than 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • If the scale is damaged by drops or misuse, which may have broken the seal between the glass top and the base, it may no longer be waterproof.


Is My KitchenAid Scale Accurate?

All KitchenAid® scales are factory-calibrated for superior precision and tested for accuracy before shipping. To maintain the calibration for the life of the product, avoid dropping it, placing more weight on the platforms than the maximum capacity, or setting something on top of it when stored between uses.

The Weight Readings on my Scale Seem Off. Can I Recalibrate My Kitchen Scale?

KitchenAid® scales are factory-calibrated and tested for accuracy before shipping, so the chances of your scale functioning improperly are low. To ensure the best results, when using your scale, ensure it is sitting on a flat surface and that the items being weighed are as close to the center of the weighing platform as possible. If there is still a concern about the accuracy of your product, don't hesitate to get in touch with Customer Service at 866-457-9340 or

Cleaning and Storing

How Should I Clean My KitchenAid Scale?

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners, which may scratch the scale’s surface. Dry thoroughly. Scales are not dishwasher safe and cannot be submerged in water for cleaning unless noted in the instruction manual.

How Should I Store My Kitchen Scale?

Kitchen scales should be stored flat without anything placed on them to avoid unnecessary strain on the sensors. If they are stored sideways in a bookshelf or cabinet, do not have anything pressed against the bottom of the scale where the sensors are located. Remove batteries if the scale will be stored without use for an extended period.


What is the Warranty on my KitchenAid® Kitchen Scale?

KitchenAid® measurement products (thermometers, food scales, timers) offer a one-year, hassle-free replacement and Lifetime Limited Warranty. KitchenAid® measurement products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. For one year from the delivery date, under normal use and care, KitchenAid® will replace these products free of charge, if they are found to be defective in material or workmanship. From year two through the life of the products, any piece found to be defective under conditions of normal use and care will be repaired at no charge or replaced with the same item or an item of equal or better value.

Please contact Customer Service at 866-457-9340 or


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