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How to Clean the Spout Screen

How to Clean the Spout Screen of KitchenAid Hot Water Dispenser

Cleaning the Spout Screen: 

If you have very hard water, and you notice that the water flow is reduced, it may be necessary to clean the spout screen. Follow the instructions below for best cleaning:

Hot Water Spout Screen.jpg

  1. Turn Temperature Control to the “Off” position. Push down and turn On/Off cap clockwise and run water until it is cold to avoid possibility of burn.
  2. Remove the two spout screws.
  3. Remove spout base plate.
  4. Pull the screen assembly out of the hot water tube.
  5. Use a small brush and vinegar to remove hard-water deposit. If deposit has hardened, soak in vinegar for an hour or two. Then use a brush to clean.
  6. Replace screen assembly in tube. Reattach plate back onto spout.
  7. Turn Temperature Control to the “Max” setting. The dispenser will be ready in about 15 minutes.

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