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Winterizing and Seasonal Storage for Hot Water Dispenser

 Winterizing and Seasonal Storage - Cold Weather Care for KitchenAid Hot Water Dispenser

  1. Turn the Temperature Control to the Off position.
  2. Unplug the hot water dispenser power supply cord.
  3. Push down and turn the faucet cap clockwise to open the faucet.
  4. Allow the water to run until the water turns cold.
  5. Release faucet cap.
  6. Close water supply valve.
  7. Place a tray under the tank to catch any water leaks.
  8. To remove the faucet tube from the easy-connect fitting, push down on the collet. Pull tube out of easy-connect fitting. It is easier to push the collet down with a ¹⁄₄" or 7 mm open-end wrench.
  9. Using pliers, spread open the hose clamp (provided) on the largest diameter faucet tube.
  10. Slide the hose clamp about 2" (5 cm) from the end of the largest diameter faucet tube.
  11. Remove the largest diameter tube from the tank outlet tube.
  12.  Lift the hot water dispenser tank off the mounting bracket.
  13. Turn the hot water dispenser tank upside down over a sink or bucket and drain the water.
  14.  Reinstall the hot water dispenser tank on the mounting bracket.
  15. Reconnect the faucet tubes. See “Install the Tank.”

Hot Water Disp Install.jpg

NOTE: To prepare the hot water dispenser for use, see “Complete Installation" in the Installation Instructions. 

IMPORTANT: Do not plug in the hot water dispenser or turn on the thermostat until the tank is filled with water. The hot water dispenser may be permanently damaged if power is supplied to the hot water dispenser before the tank is filled.


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