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Shelf or Drawer Hard to Slide - Built In Refrigerator


Possible Solutions

Are the bins or shelves properly installed?

The bin or shelf might not be opening or closing properly because it is not properly riding on the glides or posts.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to install.

Are the drawer or shelf channels dirty?

A possibility is that the drawer or shelf channels are dirty. Spillovers inside the refrigerator may get into the slide control of the crisper bins or shelves and cause them to stick.

Is there something obstructing the drawer or shelf?

The crisper drawer or shelf may be stuck or won't move freely due to an obstruction; the contents of the drawer or the positioning of items in the surrounding compartment could be obstructing drawer or shelf movement.

To fix this problem, reposition food items and containers to avoid interference with the drawers/shelves.

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